Specialized Hospital for Polio and Accident Victims

Our goal is to help people with disabilities attain an independent and meaningful life with the greatest possible functional ability.

At the Specialized Hospital for Polio and Accident Victims we have more than 70 years of experience with rehabilitation. Our facility covers 5.400 square meters and is equipped with up to date and disability accessible treatment facilities. 

We are organized in interdisciplinary teams which consist of medical doctors, physical therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, social workers and nursing assistants. 

After the initial examination a meeting is held with our patient and perhaps their close relative and the interdisciplinary team. An individualized rehabilitation plan is developed considering all aspects of the patient’s life including setting goals for booth short term and long term.

Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy

Physical and Occupational Therapy is an important part of the treatment plan. We use standardized and validated tests for our assessment. The treatment we offer is highly specialized with a wide range of methods within the psychical and occupational therapy field.

We are experienced in administering neuro-muscular electro-stimulation through custom built bikes and through handheld devices. This is an invaluable tool in regaining lost muscle function. We also use extra corporal shock wave therapy and laser therapy when deemed relevant.

Part of the interdisciplinary intervention includes introduction to adaptive aids, which can be helpful when preforming activities of daily living. We are highly experienced in performing systematic seating assessments, which include an interview, a physical examination and interface pressure mapping. The outcome is a report that highlights the main source of seating problems and gives suggestions for improvement.

Psychologists and social workers

Our approach to rehabilitation is holistic and patients have the opportunity to have consultations with both a psychologist and social worker about personal, social and economic aspects of life following an accident. We see education, awareness of various coping strategies, and life management as important elements in the rehabilitation.

Fitness center

Exercise under the guidance of physical therapists, may be necessary to maintain an independent and meaningful life. Our fitness center provides the opportunity to work on cardiovascular fitness, strength, endurance and mobility. The equipment is designed to be accessible for people with disabilities and helping hands are always available.

We have a general purpose gym where we offer a wide variety of classes. The main goal varies, and includes core stability, balance, upper body endurance, wheelchair basketball and mindfulness.

Warm water pool

In our warm water pool we provide aquatic physical therapy which is beneficial for both mind and body.
We instruct in individualized exercise programs, teach in group settings and if necessary offer one on one assistance in the water.

The pool is accessible through a staircase or a multi-functional lift system.

Specialized Centre for Disabled Drivers

As well as managing the Specialized Hospital the organization run the Specialized Centre for Disabled Drivers.

We give individuals with impaired functional abilities the opportunity, to maintain a high degree of independence, by enabling them to independently drive a car.

Physical therapists and driving teachers are highly specialized. They use advanced equipment in the assessment of the adaptions that, might be required, when individuals with impaired functional abilities learn or relearn the skill of driving. 

The theoretical education takes place in facilities at the Specialized Hospital, and the driving instructions take place on the roads in one of our custom designed vehicles.


Because we are an outpatient rehabilitation facility, we receive patients from all over the country. Therefor we have 8 apartments each equipped with a kitchen, a bathroom and one or two bedrooms. All apartments are wheel chair accessible and furnished with different lifts solutions.

In our cafeteria we serve breakfast and lunch with a salad bar and cold and hot dishes. It is also possible to purchase take-away for dinner which can be reheated in the apartment.

Contact us

Phone: +45 3673 9009
E-mail: pre@ulykkespatient.dk